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Here are the words of the families, hospitals, and assisted living facilities we have helped over the years.

I have relied on PSPS placement service for the past 6 years. I would never even consider calling anyone else.  I work as a case manager in a Long Term Care/Skilled Rehab facility so I have many patients requiring a higher level of care after discharge.  Lloyd and his team have never disappointed me and in 6 years I have not had even one patient or their family member call me to complain about where they were placed.  Before I came to know about PSPS, I used other placement services, but many times I would receive calls from patients/relatives with complaints about where they had been placed.  Thank you Lloyd and your team for all you have done for me!

​R.G., Nurse Case Manager

I would like to thank PSPS for helping me with placing our Mom.  The main thing I would like to express is the care and concern they took about meeting my Mom's specific needs.  The placement of my Mom couldn't have been better!  She is very happy with her new home.  I highly recommend Premier Senior Placement Services.


​Angie Mosher, Retired

As a resident of Texas I was recently presented with the task of moving my mom, in Arizona, from independent living to a place that can provide her more care.  To complicate things I was tasked to do it in the midst of this COVID 19 pandemic while under a travel ban.  


Not knowing where to turn, I called a Skilled Nursing Facility close to where my mom was living to ask for guidance.  After hearing my situation the Discharge Nurse immediately put me in touch with Lloyd & Kaileb of Premier Senior Placement Services.  When I called Lloyd Carter that day, everything he said to me made sense and he instantly put me at ease that this was going to work out.

I explained our situation and the urgency of finding the right place for my mom that could work with her memory needs as well as her medications and in our price range. He said he was personally familiar with many of the care homes and would go to work on finding a place that fit all of our needs and that had an opening and was willing to take someone in during a pandemic! 

After just a day and a half of searching, he called and emailed me a couple of great choices.  I quickly looked up the places on the internet and saw that they had great reviews and the location was incredible at just 5 miles from her old place which kept it close to our relatives that live in the area!  Something I had told him was important.  This was the first of many miracles to come!


Once we agreed to move forward with the care home, he told me that he and Kaileb would assist in getting her packed up and set up a medical transport to get her transferred to the new home.  I was floored that he offered these personal services. 


They also went over the day before the move to meet my mom so she would be familiar with them on the day of the move.  Kaileb even put Google Duo on his phone so we could do a video call with my mom while they were visiting.   


All of this was above and beyond anything I could have hoped for and knew God was watching over us with this situation and put all the right people in our path.   These two men are providing a much-needed service to assist seniors and their families on a very personal level with finding the right accommodation that fits all your needs from medical to budget to location. 


My recommendation is sincere and heartfelt.  My mom is now in her new place and is settling in nicely.  We have still not been able to visit since the restrictions have not been lifted for travel yet, and yet I have peace of mind that trusting Lloyd and Kaileb with my mom was the best decision I made.  You can have confidence that their company has experience and compassion for the work they do.


All my best,  

Marci Halverson,  Pearland, Texas

​Marci Halverson, Travel Consultant

To Whom it may concern,
As the owner & operator of three Assisted Living Group homes, I have had the opportunity to work with several Placement Agents over the past 12 years. While, most of them are no longer in business, PSPS has been in business for going on 15 years and I have been working with them for over 10 years. I
believe the reason for their longevity in this industry is their thoroughness and attention to detail when it comes to transitioning a new resident to my homes.

Lloyd Carter and his team always do their homework in advance to properly inventory the physical and cognitive care needs of each new resident to ensure that they will be an excellent fit for my homes. A PSPS Care Coordinator is present at the hospital or nursing home on the day that the patient is discharged to my home to ensure that each resident always arrives with the appropriate medical documentation and ancillary services in place, such as home health or hospice. They also ensure that the discharge planner from the hospital has ordered the appropriate equipment such as a wheelchair, hospital bed, oxygen, or any other durable medical equipment. 


PSPS has become a vital extension of my business and Lloyd Carter has become a trusted and loyal friend. I highly recommend Premier Senior Placement Services to any family who is fortunate enough to be put in touch with them for assistance.

Ramona Rau

​Ramona Rau, Group Home Owner

Thank you PSPS or helping me place my dad. Kaileb was outstanding and understanding. I needed to find my dad a place to live in a matter of a couple of days. Kaileb drove me around to visit locations and answered all of my questions. He negotiated a fair price for me. The whole process was fantastic and put my mind at ease.

​Darek Tillman, Teacher

Hi my name is Shirley, my sister  Nadene and I live in California, and our brother lives in Arizona.  He is in his mid-80s  and was living in an independent living complex. It became apparent he needed to be moved to an assisted living facility. He receives VA benefits and was in contact with Lloyd Carter from the VA. Our brother told us that Lloyd could help him make the transition into an assisted living facility. We contacted Lloyd, explained our circumstances that we would be unable to come to Arizona because of the shelter-in-place order (Coronavirus). Lloyd told us he would move our brother out of his apartment and take him to the assisted living house. Lloyd moved our brother's belongings out of the apartment and is storing them until we are able to travel there to pick them up.

If Lloyd hadn't been so helpful my sister and I would not have known what to do. Lloyd was a lifesaver.  It's difficult to express just how much we really appreciate all the help he gave our brother at a time when we couldn't.


Shirley and Nadene

​Shirley and Nadene Shaw

We were so overwhelmed with our situation and how to care properly for our mother. We reached out to Premier Senior Placement Services and Kaileb came to meet us in our home. He instantly made us all feel at ease, including our mom. Kaileb really listened and showed compassion and understanding. He was able to quickly assess our situation and find a wonderful place that was perfect for our mother's needs. I highly recommend Kaileb and Premier Senior Placement Services to anyone facing the difficult decision of placing their loved ones in care.

​Lisa Hall, Licensed Nurse Assistant

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