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Our Services


A highly skilled and professional PSPS Care Coordinator will meet with the senior and his or her family and :

  • Inventory the client's physicalcognitive and social needs.  

  • Determine : 

    • The desired geographic location for placement

    • The level of care required

    • Budget based on current financial resources, as well as, additional resources available, such as :

      • Long-Term Care Insurance

      • VA Funding

      • Medicaid / Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALTCS)


Information will be provided regarding :

  • Levels of Care : 

    • Independent Living 

    • Assisted Living

    • Memory Care

  • Services available at each level of care

  • Costs associated with each level of care

  • Ancillary services available :

    • Home Health

    • Hospice

    • Durable Medical Equipment ( DME )

  • Who pays for what? ( Insurance / Medicare / Medicaid / Out-of-pocket )

  • Available funding options : 

    • Long-Term Care Insurance

    • VA Funding

    • Medicare

    • Medicaid 

    • Private Pay


Once the Desired location, Level of care, and Budget have been established, a PSPS Care Coordinator will contact a select number of the hundreds of facilities we are contracted with. The Care Coordinator will ensure bed availability and that the appropriate level of care is available at the established budget. Once these facilities have been identified, the Care Coordinator will personally take the client/family members to visit the facilities.


Once the desired facility has been determined, a PSPS Care Coordinator will collaborate with the hospital discharge planner to coordinate home health, hospice, durable medical equipment, and transportation to the new facility.  The Care Coordinator will also be present at the discharge from the hospital to ensure that all appropriate doctor's orders, medical documents, and medications are in place prior to transport.


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